AutoComplete Settings in Internet Explorer

by on September 12, 2007

Q: My computer, running Windows XP, does not remember my email address when forms on different sites ask for it. On my old system I would just push the letter w and my email address would pop up, how do I get this computer to do that?

A: In order for Internet Explorer to remember the data that you type into forms, you need to adjust some of its settings. Click on Tools > Internet Options > Content. Click on the Settings button in the AutoComplete section of the window. You can choose to use AutoComplete for Web addresses, Forms, and User names and passwords on forms. Click the checkboxes next to the items that you want AutoComplete to remember for you, then click OK to save the information. Internet Explorer should start to save the information you have chosen so you won’t have to type it repeatedly.

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    Same problem, only this does not fix it!