What Do I Need To Set Up a Wireless Network?

by on September 19, 2007

Q: I have a computer that runs Windows XP that I have had, but not used, for 4 years now. I have decided to start using the company and I also decided that I want to connect my computer to the internet without wires. My cable modem does not have wireless built in so is there a product I can buy to get wireless?

A: In order to set up wireless internet in your home, you will need to purchase a wireless access point (or wireless router) and a wireless card for your PC. You will need to consult the specifications on your PC to see what type of wireless card your PC can accommodate. Since your PC is a few years old, it will most likely have available PCI slots, but there is also a chance it will have PCI Express slots.

Once you have determined which type of slot is open on your PC, you can go to your local Best Buy, Circuit City, or CompUSA to get an idea of the prices of wireless routers, access points, and cards. All three of these retailers will also install the card in your PC for an additional fee if you are not comfortable doing it yourself. To make things even easier, buy the same brand of wireless card and access point or router. Your wireless router or access point will come with instructions that will walk you through hooking it up to your broadband (Cable or DSL) modem. Once you have configured your wireless router, follow the instructions that came with your wireless card to connect it to your wireless router.

One Response to “What Do I Need To Set Up a Wireless Network?”

    You might also want to find out if your computer supports USB. If your computer has a USB port and it is USB 2.0 then you can also get away with a USB wireless adapter. This will make it so you do not have to open your computer up, which might be a little scary for some.

    Some people say that the USB adapters are not as good as the ones that go in your computer but I doubt a regular user would notice the difference and if you do then it is probably best to connect using wires anyway.