Connect Windows 98 To Broadband

by on October 5, 2007

Q: I am running Windows 98 and am wondering what I have to do to get DSL or any broadband connection to the Internet setup. Specifically do I need any hardware?

A: What you need to do is find out what options you have in your area for broadband. You should have at least two choices and they are DSL or cable. DSL you would get from your telephone company and you probably get mail from them weekly about the DSL they offer. Cable would come from your cable company and again you are probably getting information from them not only about internet but also about voice over IP also know as VOIP, which is phone over the internet.

You will want to visit and see their Find Service page and type in your zip code to figure out what offerings are in your area and to read the reviews. The site is not the easiest site to use so plan on taking some time to look it over and try to get as much out of it as you can. Some reviews will be from people close to you and others, if your broadband provider is a national company, will be from the other side of the country. This is just to help you try to pick the best provider in your area so you get the most from your money. Other options would be to talk to family members and friends to see what they might suggest or even going to your local BestBuy or CircuitCity and ask the people there what they use and what they suggest.

Your next step is to actually contact the broadband provider to find out what their system requirements are. Most of them should support Windows 98 but if for some reason they say they don’t you can always ask for the home networking package. The reason this is an option is because you would just have to connect your computer to their network via networking cable, nothing would connect via USB to your computer. This would require that you have an Ethernet card in your computer though so make sure you have one before going this route; an Ethernet connection on the back of your computer looks like an over sized phone jack.

Another option besides contacting the broadband Internet service provider directly is to visit you local BestBuy or CircuitCity and talk to them about this. Most of them, depending on the area, have contacts with the local broadband service providers and can set you up right in the store. The difference here is that you would be buying your cable modem, if you went with cable, for $50.00 or $70.00 instead of renting it from the cable company at a cost of about $5.00 a month. In the long run it makes more sense to own the modem though.

You might need to do a few setup things on your computer in terms of installing software and setting up network drivers but if you already have an Ethernet card in your computer you should be good to go and on the Internet in no time.

One Response to “Connect Windows 98 To Broadband”

    I use Win98se and have had no problems with either SBC DSL nor Charter Broadband.
    just remenber to use a software firewall or a router for some security from hackers.