Adobe PhotoDeluxe Will Not Run With New RAM

by on October 11, 2007

Q: I run Windows XP and I upgraded from 512MB ram to 1GB of RAM but now Adobe PhotoDeluxe will not run anymore. If I take one of the sticks of RAM out then it will run fine but with both sticks in it refuses to load. Is there anyway I can get it to run with 1GB of RAM?

A: Let me first describe the cause of your problem, then two possible solutions. Adobe states on its Adobe PhotoDeluxe site that the last version of the program was released way back in 2002. Older programs like certain versions of PhotoDeluxe tend to get confused when given large amounts of RAM to deal with. You should be able to get PhotoDeluxe working again by changing your computer’s virtual memory settings.

To change your virtual memory settings you need to right click on My Computer and go Advanced -> Performance -> Settings -> Advanced -> Virtual Memory -> Change -> Custom Settings. Change the Initial Setting to 4000 MB and the Max field to 4095 MB. Make sure to left-click on Set to confirm the changes. Restart your computer and PhotoDeluxe should now work.

You may still need to increase the “scratch disk” settings in your PhotoDeluxe preferences. An easier solution is to simply replace PhotoDeluxe with its successor – Adobe Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements 6 is the latest version for Windows. Photoshop Elements supports many of the features found in PhotoDeluxe.

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One Response to “Adobe PhotoDeluxe Will Not Run With New RAM”

    Thanks for your reply.
    I was able to fix the problem after reading a reply posted on your site
    it has to do with the Virtual Memory.I restet the paging file to Nil and Adobe Photo Deluxe 2
    works great.I have not experienced any problems with other programs and my system has increase in speed with the extra stick of ram.
    Thanks Ron