Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition Error

by on October 19, 2007

Q: I run Windows XP and every time I try to save a document as a .jpeg in Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition I get an error that says, “the browser application could not be started”. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?

A: It may be possible to get your program working properly again with some creative tweaking. The first tweak to try is running PhotoDeluxe in Windows Compatibility Mode. If you are unfamiliar with Compatibility Mode, it is a setting in Windows 2000/XP/Vista that allows you to fool a program into thinking that it is running in a different version of the Windows operating system.

Using Compatibility Mode is reasonably easy. Find the PhotoDeluxe icon in your Start Menu then Right click on the icon and select Properties and you will see a tab called Compatibility. The very first checkbox should enable you to select different versions of Windows to emulate. For PhotoDeluxe, I recommend starting with the Windows 98 setting. Disabling visual themes in the Compatibility tab could also help. If after trying some different compatibility combinations, PhotoDeluxe is still giving you the “browser application” error, there is another possible solution.

  1. Backup any important photos.
  2. Uninstall any copies of Storm EasyPhoto installed on your computer. Note: never have more than one version of EasyPhoto installed on your computer.
  3. Reset all compatibility settings for PhotoDeluxe to off and then uninstall PhotoDeluxe.
  4. Go to Search in the Start menu and get ready to look for files and folders in My Computer. You may need to select My Computer from a drop-down menu in the search window. Search for each of the following: Ezphoto.ini, Ezphoto.exe, Ezimg25.dll, Cppenv25.dll.
  5. Rename any of these that appear in the search results by right clicking on each file and selecting Rename. Adding the word old to each filename should work nicely.
  6. Reinstall PhotoDeluxe.

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