Problems Launching Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition

by on October 24, 2007

Q: I have been using the Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 3.0 for many years. For the past few months I have had problems launching the program. After a few minutes of waiting I get a message across the top toolbar saying Program Not Responding. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program but it didn’t fix the problem. Can you help?

A: The fact that PhotoDeluxe has only been “not responding” for a few months suggests that it may be time to do some routine maintenance to your Windows installation. The following instructions are for Windows XP, but should work with other versions of Windows as well:

  1. Double click on the My Computer icon.
  2. Right click on your computer’s main hard drive. This is usually letter C.
  3. Click on Properties. A new window should appear.
  4. Click on the Disk Cleanup option. Check all of the boxes except Compress old files and then click OK.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 and then select the Tools tab.
  6. Defragment your hard drive and click on the Close button when the procedure has finished.
  7. Still in the Tools tab, go into the Error-checking utility and put checkmarks in both boxes. Press start and read the message that appears.
  8. Restart your computer.
  9. Repeat steps 1-8 for any additional hard disks.

It may also interest you to know that Adobe Photoshop Elements replaced Adobe PhotoDeluxe several years ago. Photoshop Elements retains many features from PhotoDeluxe and adds lots of new capabilities as well. Photoshop Elements 6 is the latest version for Windows as of this writing. Lastly, take a look at some of the other answers pertaining to Adobe PhotoDeluxe here at You might wish to try the virtual memory and Windows Compatibility Mode solutions.

5 Responses to “Problems Launching Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition”

    The solution I have used for Version 4.0 is to right click on the icon and select Properties. In compatibility mode select Windows 2000. It will then run without problems


    I am running windows vista home premium.
    Adobe PhotoDeluxe 3.x will not load.
    Does anyone know why and is there an answer to this problem?



    Have you tried to change the compatibility mode to Windows 2000?



    I have used Photo Deluxe Business Edition for years and I like it better than most programs. Recently it has been acting up and says not responding. I upgraded to explorer 7 and and upgraded my adobe reader to 8.2. could this the cause of the problem


    I am having the same problem as Barbara but am running Adobe Photodelux 2.0

    I tried to to change my virtual memory to 4000-4095 as well as

    “Search for each of the following: Ezphoto.ini, Ezphoto.exe, Ezimg25.dll, Cppenv25.dll.” and renaming but still have no luck in getting past the start up screen.

    I’ve tested out a few other programs including the newer version (the trial software wouldn’t run all the components.) I want my old trusty version back HELP.