Editing PDF Files And Creating Magazine Layouts

by on October 30, 2007

Q: I am designing a magazine and have been using Print Shop. I am not able to upload a PDF to Print Shop, which I need to do. I also don’t have the software to unlock a PDF and change it on its own. I am looking for something much more useful than what I am using. I am looking for the ability to adjust a PDF, the ability to create layouts of the magazine. Any ideas?

A: Some versions of Print Shop contain a program called Broderbund PDF Converter. It seems that this program is more for exporting than for importing. Nevertheless, you should make sure that it is installed. You can the Unable to Initialize PDF Converter guide to help you install the PDF Converter from your Print Shop disk.

If the PDF Converter does not meet your needs then I would recommend that you consider purchasing software from Adobe, the creators of the PDF file-type. Adobe PageMaker and Adobe Illustrator are considered to be among the best programs for graphic design, magazine layout, etc. Adobe software tends to be rather expensive. However, it is also the most compatible with PDF because Adobe controls the PDF specification.

One final solution is to search for software in a specialized search engine, such as softpedia.com.