Are There Healthy Halloween Treats

by on October 31, 2007

Q: I have been wondering if there is actually a somewhat healthy treat that I could give out for Halloween without getting my house egged?

A: I completely understand where you are coming from because my wife is really into watching fat grams and calories in what we eat but during Halloween it is not reasonable to give out fruits and probably not a good idea to give out cash so what are the alternatives? You can find one great alternative down a different isle of the grocery store, as my wife found out and wrote about here at Halloween Treats.

She wrote, “I went down the snack isle to find myself staring at fruit snacks. I was reading the label and much to my surprise they actually have nutrition value, and with 100% vitamin C to boost the immune system, that is what every kid needs. In a whole pouch they have 100 calories and 1 gram of fat (a heck of a lot less that a couple of those mini candy bars) and the kids can bring them to school the next day instead of the candy.”

So all you have to do is go down the snack isle and look for the Halloween packaged fruit snakes and you will have some happy trick or treaters at your house tonight and no eggs!