Buying A Reasonably Priced Keyboard

by on December 13, 2007

Q: Where can I buy a reasonably priced computer keyboard?

A: From my years of experience in looking for deals for computer hardware and of listening to my friend on where he buys his stuff I discovered It is one of the best places to find inexpensive but good quality computer hardware including keyboards. is a gateway to different commercial websites for computer hardware. First go to Then look under input devices and select keyboards.

At the top of the next page will be a listing of keyboard filters that display each type of keyboard. Below will be a listing of keyboard brands. Below that will be a list of price ranges and below that will be a “What’s Hot” list of a few keyboards. The easiest way to start is to select from the list of keyboard filters the type of keyboard you are looking for. The keyboard filter list will also list an approximate price of the keyboards in that category.

Once you click on one the next screen will be a list of keyboards along with the website selling them. There will be a Buy button you can click on to be taken directly to that item on their website. There should be a shopping cart link to click to checkout. The site will have you register with the site prior to checking out. You can also go to the homepage of the site by clicking on the website link next to the price on the page. Incidentally on this page you will also see the shipping charge for that particular item. I would recommend you browse different types of keyboards to not only find a good price but also to make sure you get the one you want. has insane deals and you might actually find a better keyboard than you set out to find. Good hunting.