Deleting A Windows User Account

by on December 14, 2007

Q: I’m using Windows XP and I have created a new user with administrator privileges but now I want to delete the account. How can I do this? I am not very computer savvy so please go into detail with each step.

A: Hello! Deleting a user, regardless of the user’s permissions level, from Windows XP is pretty straightforward. As long as you also have an administrator account, which I assume you do, since you made the account in the first place, you should be able to delete the user with little trouble.

First, open the User Accounts tool. To do this, select Start, Settings, Control Panel, User Accounts. Double-click User Accounts to open the tool.

Next, select the appropriate account from the list, and click Delete the Account. Once you have done this, you will be prompted to save or delete some of the user’s account settings and files. Select Keep Files or Delete Files.

To ensure that you have successfully deleted the account, Windows will prompt you, saying “Are you sure you want to delete John Smith’s account?” Click Delete Account. Once you have done this, you have permanently deleted the account from the system.

I hope this information helps! Thanks!