What Does HTTP Stand For

by on December 17, 2007

Q: What does http stand for?

A: Hello there! The short answer is that http is an acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. That clears it right up, doesn’t it?

Hypertext is generally text (letters, numbers other characters) on a computer that will lead the user to additional related information through connections (hyperlinks) with the click of a mouse. Unlike normal text, hypertext does not remain static; it works to provide a dynamic organization of ideas and information through the use of hyperlinks.

Transfer Protocol is basically a set of standard rules for data representation signaling authentication and error detection used to send information over a communications channel. It is kind of like a style set or rule book for how data should be packaged before it is shoved out on the Internet.

Put the two together, and you basically get a set of rules for exchanging files (video, audio, image, text) on the World Wide Web. It is also used at the beginning of a web address to show that the website in the address bar understands (reads) HTML and has an address (http://www.askageek.com) on the Internet.

I hope this information helps! Thanks!