Compile Error In Microsoft Word 2002

by on January 29, 2008

Q: I am running Windows XP with Microsoft Word 2002. I have a program that I use to merge information into word documents using Access and Visual Basic. When I run the merge function, I get this error in word: “compile error in hidden module: mod XML Docs.” I cannot find the fix to this error or why it happens.

A: This behavior may occur if add-in files from a third party program are in the Office Startup Folder and they need to be moved to a different folder on your hard drive.

1. Close Microsoft Word if it is open.

2. Right-click Start.

3. Select Explore.

4. Click on the folder Program Files.

5. Double-click the Microsoft Office folder.

6. Double-click Office10.

7. Double-click the Startup folder.

8. Inside that folder you should see the third party add in program (Access and VB are what you would be looking for.)

Right-click and select Cut to remove that file.

9. Click Start.

10. Right-click the My Documents folder.

11. Select Paste.

12. Now try to start your program and the error message should be gone.

If there are more files from third party programs then you will want to follow the steps above to move their location also. If you are still having troubles please let us know.