Different Types Of DVD Media

by on February 5, 2008

Q: What is the difference between the different types of burnable DVD’s, single layer, dual layer, 16x spindle and what is the most versatile?

A: Hi There, the versatility you are looking for in a DVD type will primarily depend upon your purpose of DVD burning, which isn’t clearly being stated here. Every type has its own salient features, which distinguish it from others and maintain its utility. Single and dual layer refers to the storage capacity of the disc whereas 16x spindle implies for the speed of the disc writing. Hereby I’ll present a comparative picture of the various types of burnable DVDs, which will help you to select the most suitable class of DVDs for yourself.

Single Layer DVDs are the primary form of digital video disc consisting of single layer of optical material over its surface. A single sided single layered standard DVD has a high storage capacity of 4.7GB or 4.37 GB. If you wish to have high recording speeds then single layered DVD will be a good option for you.

Dual Layer DVDs are dual layered DVD has a second coating of optical material over a semi-reflecting first layer. This second layer accounts for the double storage capacity of Dual layer DVD. The storage capacity numerically increases from 4.7 GB to 8.54 GB i.e. almost twice that of the original capacity. The second layer is accessed by laser action on the first layer. This laser action isn’t instantaneous and takes few seconds to occur, momentarily leaving the DVD operation in paused mode. But after few seconds the DVD efficiently resumes its functioning. Hence if storage capacity is your preference then Dual layer DVD will certainly be an appropriate choice for you.

Moreover the price tag for DVD recorders assisting this technology is quite comparable with that of classical recorders. The recording speeds of Dual layered DVD aren’t as high as Single layered DVDs.

16x Spindle refers to advanced writing speeds of DVDs i.e. 16 times the original speed. The data writing rates with 16x spindle are as high as 21.09 MB/s and writing time is considerably reduced to 4 minutes for single layered DVD. DVD writing speed only facilitate fast data transfer and has nothing to do with the video quality.