Roxio Easy CD Creator Detected Errors

by on February 5, 2008

An Into Tomorrow listener submitted the following question!

Q: I have been using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.2 which came with Windows XP when I bought it. It used to work wonderfully to download my pictures to a CD but now when I do it I keep getting an error message. It says: Easy CD Creator has detected that there were errors during the recording, or that there are errors on your new CD. After pursing further we found out that the errors were : E80041898-write error-03/0C/00

A: Roxio easy CD creator is one of the finest utilities available for burning CDs. The error code i.e. E80041898-write error-03/0C/00, specified by you indicates that the CD creator is not capable of writing any more. This can be caused by an issue an issue with the software or the CD drive. The steps below will help figure out where your problem is.

  1. The lens of your drive may be full of dust and needs an extensive cleaning. Inserting a CD lens cleaning disc into the CD drive may proved to be a good idea and attenuate the adverse effects of external factors on your CD drive.
  2. If your problem still persists after applying above mentioned solutions, it is better to reinstall Roxio Easy CD creator conscientiously. The system should be scanned intensively before performing the operation. You can also opt for a system restore if you don’t have the required CD for installation.
  3. If the both above steps fail to resolve the issue then most plausible cause of getting the above mentioned error is the presence of an aberrant optical drive. Try writing to your CD drive by using any other disk burning utility like Nero etc. If even other utilities also fail to write to CD drive then you can try reinstalling the device driver.
  4. If you are still experiencing the issue then it may be very much possible optical drive seems to be perturbed and is unable to run the CD properly. So it would be prudent to get your optical drive thoroughly checked by a professional technician.