Desktop Icons Randomly Appear And Disappear

by on February 6, 2008

Q: I have Windows XP SP2 loaded on my PC and my computer is updated regularly using Microsoft Update. Recently my desktop icons have started disappearing and appearing for no apparent reason. I have defragged and error checked my computers hard drive but that did nothing. I also have an anti-virus program from AVG installed so I am fairly certain my computer is virus free. I have also checked for Trojans using spybot and nothing has shown up. My computer runs great besides the icons randomly appearing and disappearing.

A: I know that you have tried both anti-virus and spybot so I have some instructions to see if this will alleviate the problem for you. If it does not please let me know. This does require editing an entry in your registry so I strongly recommend that you backup your registry before you begin.

  1. Ctrl + Alt + Delete and identify sysu.exe in the processes list.
  2. Close it, and go to C:\Program Files.
  3. Locate the folder ddm and delete it.
  4. Click on start -> run and type in regedit.
  5. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE remove the folder ddm.
  6. Click on start -> run and type in msconfig.
  7. Click on the right-most tab labeled startup.
  8. Scroll down and locate an entry with no command line.
  9. Uncheck the box and apply all changes.
  10. Reboot your computer; check the checkbox for a window that comes up saying you changed startup settings.

2 Responses to “Desktop Icons Randomly Appear And Disappear”

    Sure, go in and try the obvious or not so obvious. But sometimes your computer will be flickering too much to do anything, or error-checking the disk or defragmenting it won’t work, or safe mode doesn’t work, or files people have told you to delete aren’t even there.

    The way that worked for me is to run several virus checkers. If you use a net with wide holes, things will slip through. But if you use 3-4 nets, the holes get smaller and smaller and eventually you get the thing that is doing this.

    In my case, it was Virtuamundo (.vundo), which in Spybot made up about 100,000 of the 386,000 viruses it checked for, no joke. It found about 13 problems and fixed them all, but the flickering was still there. Then I ran Malware, and it found around 36 .vundo viruses and got rid of them all. Everything was fixed.

    So your real solution is to use many different virus, malware, spyware and adbot checkers, and the combination of them may be better than any single program.


    Could have been Virtuamonde also.