Internet Gets Slow At Night When Geek Is Home

by on February 6, 2008

Q: I have a 6-yr old Gateway desktop connected to a Verizon DSL modem. I have a “computer geek” student temporarily staying on the 3rd floor of our house. All day long, I have no trouble accessing the Internet but when he comes home and powers up his laptop computer my Internet access is slower than dial-up. I have a brand new Dell laptop and that Internet access is even slower (only when the geek is home). The modem is closest in proximity to my computers but he seems to always have the fastest connection. Are there any settings I can adjust or any peripherals that I can buy so that I don’t lose most of my Internet access at night?

A: Hi, it’s really annoying to get a crawling access to the Internet during night as most of us are usually nocturnal web surfers. Actually the geek may not be wholly responsible for your slow net access during night. You can speed up your surfing speed by doing some necessary changes in the peripheral arrangements.

The slow speed of the Internet can be resolved by applying optimum hardware and software modifications. Following are the appropriate solutions which will bring your accessing speed to the satisfactory levels:

  • This sort of problem generally occurs due to wrong configuration of the router you are working with. If you are operating with BT router then the given steps will prove to be effective for resolving the mentioned issue
  1. Click to the Internet explorer and log on to the proxy server or as a system administrator.
  2. From the option of LAN settings from Tools/Internet options, discard the option of proxy server usage and click OK twice.
  3. Then browse the IP address of the router.
  4. Select the ‘disconnect’ option from the login window and then click to the ‘connect’ button to monitor your Internet access.
  5. Rebooting the router may also enhance your surfing speed considerably.
  • There are a number of Internet speed enhancing software available in the market which are efficient enough to meet your requirements. Some of the noteworthy software includes big names like Internet Tweak from Magellas, Tweak master and many more.

In addition to these if you can use a Bandwidth monitoring software to check whether the Geek is monopolizing the available bandwidth.