Recovering Email From A Year Ago

by on February 11, 2008

Q: Is there a way to retrieve mail deleted over a year ago?

A: Unfortunately, since it has been a little over a year your chances are not good. When you receive an email from someone that information is received by your email system provider (ex: outlook, AOL, etc) and then when you check your mail the emails are downloaded for you to view. Many times these providers will store the email on the server for a certain period of time but I would think after a year that would be impossible to recover.

Many email programs either compact or encrypt the messages after they have been deleted which would render the email unreadable if you even were able to find the files. Most programs also save email as text files and they are constantly overwritten making the files unrecoverable after a short period of time.

I am sorry, as I am sure this is not the answer you wanted but there is virtually nothing that can be done to retrieve it at this point except to contact the ISP that handles your email and ask them if there is anyway they can get the emails back.