Laptop Alternative For Posting To Blogs While On The Road

by on February 15, 2008

Q: I just bought a great new Dell Inspiron S531running Windows Vista and I love it. My issue is that I will be traveling around the country for a few months and still need to be able to update my blog. Bringing my desktop computer into Starbucks is not possible but at the same time since my desktop is so new I do not want to spend the money on getting a laptop. What other alternatives are there out there for us bloggers to be able to post while on the road?

A: I think that the real solution for you is a smart phone and we did a recent answer titled Handheld Or Smart Phone With Internet Browsing Ability that you will want to read after reading this. The reason it is not a complete answer to your question is that we were looking for solutions related to browsing internet not doing a lot of typing.

The best solution for you would be a smart phone that you can connect a keyboard to. There are many smart phone solutions that you can find at’s review site related to Smart Phones and also at the Blackberry website.

Something’s you will want to figure out is if you want to be able to post your blog entries from anywhere or if you want to be tied to finding a WiFi connection. Most blog software does allow you to email your posts to a specific email address and then it would get posted from there. If this is a good solution for you then you don’t need your phone to have WiFi capabilities. You would do all your typing in your phones email software and you would just need to be able to send that email. The regular cellular internet network works just fine for emails.

If, however, you want to be able to browse the internet to find ideas to write about then you might want to think about getting a phone that has WiFi built in so that you can browse the internet faster. There are more and more phones coming out daily that do support WiFi so that is certainly good news.

The next thing you might be saying is hey I like my phone and I don’t want to get a new one. Some smart phones run as much as a cheap laptop, granted when you get a $400.00 laptop you are paying for a $400.00 laptop and you should not expect it to last very long. The other alternative would be a PDA that supports WiFi. The downside here is you would only be able to get online where there is WiFi as you would not be able to fall back on your cell phone’s wireless network.

The good news is you can find many WiFi enabled PDA’s that will allow you to add on an external keyboard. Even Dell makes a PDA that is WiFi and bluetooth enabled (the bluetooth is how the keyboard works) called Dell Axim.

We hope this has been helpful and that you are able to find the correct smart phone or PDA for your needs!