Cancun Mexico Map: Is Cancun An Island?

by on March 7, 2008

Q: Is Cancun an Island?

A: No, Cancun Mexico is not an island. Cancun actually covers a large area though, with a big downtown area and then a thin strip of land that forms a box around a lagoon. Below are some great maps of the area and you will notice that most of the hotels that a vacationer would stay at are right on the thin strip of land surrounding the lagoon.

The first great map is from

Map of Cancun Mexico

The next great map of Cancun Mexico comes from

Map of Cancun Mexico

I really hope these maps help you and if you are considering a visit or a vacation to Cancun Mexico you should, just like with any other vacation or visit, make sure to use all the services available to you to figure out exactly where the hotel you want to stay at is and what types of transportation and businesses are around it. There is nothing worse than getting to your vacation spot and figuring out it is not exactly where you thought it would be.

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