Is There A Time Machine Equivalent For Windows XP

by on March 19, 2008

Q: I have a Windows XP SP2 machine and I am wondering if there is any Time Machine software for Windows equivalent to Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard. Free software would be best but not necessary.

A: I researched Time Machine for Macs and the best I could find for the PC is a program called SyncBackSE. It does cost but you can download a fully functioning trial to see if it does what you would like. It appears that there are very few options to match the Time Machine equivalent. You have to go in and setup your profile and then it will automatically backup your files.

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    You will want to check this out if you’re interested in Apple’s Time Machine and have a Windows platform OS.

    Beta to be released soon… You might wanna sign up for it… Can’t wait to get my hands on Genie Timeline…

    Apparently, its features include Realtime CDP, endless file versions for files as they existed in the past, automated backup, window’s integration to the core… I’ve been waiting for this kind of software to be released on Windows for ages…


      I’ve tried Genie Timeline.. its been released.. an amazing replica to Time Machine for Windows!
      The GUI is very nice.. the software is very easy.. its continuous and automatic.
      and they are even working on disaster recovery for the new version that will be released in 2 months.


    Disclosure : I work for Altaro Software


    If you want your time machine for windows check out Oops! Backup –

    It will be in BETA soon and we are looking for BETA testers – BETA testers will get free licenses 🙂

    Subscribe to BETA from here –


    David Vella –