How do I figure out how much free space I have on my Windows XP hard drive? 

by on November 30, 2008

Q: How can I tell how much hard-disk space is available on my computer? I am running Windows XP Professional Operating System Version: 5.1.2600. The reason I ask is that I want to install Photoshop CS4, and their system requirements say, “1GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on flash-based storage devices)”.

Does my computer have enough juice to run Adobe CS4 Design Premium? I am running Windows XP Professional, with the following specs:

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 3.06GHz
Processor Speed: 2.99 GHz
Memory (RAM): 1024 MB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Operating System Version: 5.1.2600


How come when I connect my laptop to my TV the sound will not play? 

by on November 30, 2008

Q: I have an interesting problem with my laptop. It has a blu-ray player installed. I can watch DVDs fine with it if I use just the laptop, however, when I try to watch anything on a television, I get this odd sound playback. If I hook up speakers through the headphone/speaker out jack, the only sound I get is background music and sound effects, no dialog or other incidental sounds.

I have already done a reinstall of the entire operating system, and that did the trick for a while, but now, it’s back to the same problem. Any suggestions?

I’m running Vista and using Power DVD 9 for playback. Also, I tried hooking up the sound through two or three other sound systems, and always have the same result.


How come on boot up I am asked what OS I want to use? 

by on November 30, 2008

Q: I recently formatted my laptop by using the Windows XP Pro CD. I combined the C drive partition with a smaller partition that never showed up in Windows Explorer. Now when I boot up I am asked to choose which OS I want to boot to and both OS’s listed are Windows XP Pro. How can I eliminate this step?


How does work? 

by on November 30, 2008

Q: How this website works?


How do I show and hide toolbars in Internet Explorer 7? 

by on November 30, 2008

Q: I have Windows XP Home Edition and Internet Explorer 7. My question is this: How do I un-hide the internet toolbar on top and be able to see the file, edit, tools, favorites options that are normally on top? I am not sure what I did but I accidentally clicked something and now it is hidden.


How come when I run McAfee the box comes up blank? 

by on November 30, 2008

Q: I am trying to run my McAfee but when I do this the box comes up blank. I tried to re-install the programs however now it is saying that Javascript is not working properly on this PC.W hat do I do now?


Does RAM make a computer faster? 

by on November 30, 2008

Q: I heard that RAM makes your PC faster and I heard that it does not so I want to know exactly what makes a PC faster, more RAM, faster Processor or what?


Buying an environmentally friendly “green” laptop 

by on November 30, 2008

Q: I am interested in buying a new PC laptop with all the new “green” technologies and I was wondering how I could do my part and buy an eco-friendly laptop. There’s a lot of information on the internet about OLED screens and solid-state drives, but I cannot find any laptops that are actually for sale with these technologies.

When will IBM, Dell, and the other major laptop makers be incorporating OLED, solid-state drives, and upgradeable parts? When will they announce their new models for the 2009 year?

A: I’m thrilled by your desire to “go green”! Allow me to start by providing some general tips for you to consider.

Today, most major laptop manufacturers will recycle your old computer. In fact, some computer companies will even give you credit towards the purchase of your new laptop when you recycle your old computer! Read the rest of this entry »


Is it possible to get back 10 years of aol email once it is deleted? 

by on November 30, 2008

Q: My girlfriend hacked into my AOL account and deleted all my email accounts of 10 years my question is how do I retrieve my deleted AOL email address?


How come my laptop makes a high-pitched noise after dropping it? 

by on November 30, 2008

Q: I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop that I dropped from about 3 feet onto the carpet. The laptop boots up fine and everything works but I hear a constant high-pitched noise. What could be causing this noise and what can I do about it?