The menus are missing in Internet Explorer 7!

by on December 6, 2008

Q: I have Windows XP Home Edition and Internet Explorer 7. My question is this: How do I unhide the Menu Bar in Internet Explorer 7, so that I can see File, Edit, Tools, Favorites and the other options that were on top in earlier versions of Internet Explorer?

A: Microsoft has begun hiding the Menu Bar in popular programs such as Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer, and has removed the Menu Bar entirely from Microsoft Word 2007 and some other software. In Internet Explorer 7, you can unhide the Menu Bar by going to the upper-right corner and single left-clicking on the Tools button. Then put a checkmark next to the Menu Bar option.

Tip: In Windows Media Player 11, you can unhide the Menu Bar by using the Layout Options button (next to the search area).

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