Is it safe to use an old operating system, such as Windows Me?

by on January 3, 2009

Q: I want to video chat with my parents. I have a new Windows Vista computer, but my parents own only an old Windows Me computer. Thanks for your help!

A: Microsoft and most other software developers now consider Windows Me to be obsolete technology. In fact, Microsoft stopped providing security updates for Windows Me in 2006. Because of its lack of recent security updates, Windows Me is now an unsafe operating system.

Your parents could upgrade their current computer to Windows XP. Upgrading to Windows Vista is not a good option for older computers, such as those currently running Windows Me. A better option for your parents might be to purchase a Windows Vista PC or Mac OS 10.5 computer. For best results with video chat software, I recommend that your parents purchase a computer that uses dedicated graphics technology.

Tip: Windows 2000 will become an unsafe operating system in mid-2010.

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