How come when I run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 my graphics card performance is not as good as others with similar configurations as me?

by on January 14, 2009

Q: I have a computer with 2gigs of ram and a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. I am also running a GeForce 8600GT graphics card with 1 gig of memory. The PCs performance is ok but the graphics performance on software and game are really weak. When I run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 I get frame rates of 9-13fps but I read about other peoples PCs running the same or similar configurations getting 120+fps on full graphics quality. Does anyone have any idea what I can tweak to get better graphics performance?

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    Are you running Windows Vista or Windows XP?


    i am running xp pro

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    Hi christopher20f,

    Since you’re running Windows XP, here’s what I suggest:

    1. Uninstall Flight Simulator 2004.
    2. Install Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, using either Windows Update or from:
    3. Install all other updates listed in Windows Update, then Download and install the latest version of Microsoft’s DirectX graphics software from:
    4. Download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card, either from your computer manufacturer or the NVIDIA website.
    5. Reinstall FS 2004. It’s been awhile since I installed this on my computer. But as I recall, you can choose between installing most files to your hard drive or running most files from the CDs. For best performance, you should choose to run as many files from your hard drive as possible.
    6. Download and install the latest update for FS 2004 from:
    7. Install CCleaner from:
    8. Install Defraggler from:
    9. Run CCleaner and Defraggler, then restart your computer.
    10. Try running FS 2004.

    Let me know if the procedure above works for you!


    Hi Robert. I don’t think that it is a software or driver issue. The same problem is with other games i run. I downloaded a trail version of Pc Wizzard to compare my pc’s performance with similar ones in my rage. After runnig the benchmark over all phases of my pc only my hdd’s were better than the compred pc. All the othes hardware performance were way below standard…it was actually runnig the same as an old 2.4mhz pc…couldn’t this rather be a hardware issue?


    Hi christopher20f,

    It could be a hardware problem. But before you take your computer to a hardware expert in your area:

    * Install Service Pack 3.
    * Uncheck as many programs as possible from the Startup tab in your computer’s built-in msconfig program. You can get into msconfig by entering the term msconfig into the Run area of your computer’s Start Menu. Do not uncheck security-related options!
    * Run CCleaner.
    * Get new benchmarks for your system, try running some games, etc.