How come I cannot access my iTunes library after upgrading iTunes?

by on March 9, 2009

Q: I cannot play my iTunes library, either before I downloaded the latest version of it or after it. It plays the odd track here and there, but not most of them. I’ve Scroogled this to find lots of people asking the same question on other forums with no answers yet. I don’t have any other gear connected such as iPod or PS2. Just my desktop running XP. The PC World engineer recently replaced a faulty memory, would that cause this problem? Please help, I’m stuck without my iTunes as all my student’s song accompaniments are on it!!!

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    When you say that it won’t play most of your songs what error does it give you? Does it say it is unable to find the file if you double click on its iTunes entry? If this is the case you can dry deleting these itunes entries and then re-adding the folders contain the music to iTunes.

    One option is to hold down shift while double clicking on the itunes icon. This will allow you create a new library and then you can re-add your folders of music to the library. Keep in mind that the iTunes library files are just an index listing of your music and playlist data, it doesn’t actually contain your music files.


    Hi Mark, many thanks for that.

    I don’t get any error messages the songs just don’t play when double clicked.

    I shall have a go at re-adding my folders of music once my PC is back up and running again. I have a faulty Motherboard (Maybe, probably!) – not sure if that would effect iTunes.