How come each time I start an application Windows Installer starts?

by on March 15, 2009

Q: I restored Windows XP from a backup after a hard drive failure. It works OK except every time I launch a Windows or Office application Windows Installer Starts. After canceling the application launches OK. Also I can not install or uninstall applications that need Windows Installer.

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    Try updating your Windows Installer Software:

    Also, XP might want some files, insert the disks you’re prompted for when ask and that might help out too.

    Let me know if this solves your problem or if you’re still having issues.


    Thanks Mark,
    I installed Ver4.5 by unfortunately it made no difference.
    When installer launches it does not ask for a particular disk and after a minute or two it gives up and the application starts OK. I tried both WXP disk & Office Disk but again no difference. Other programs e.g. Firefox launch OK.


    In that case you might want to take a look through this information and see if it helps out: