How do I backup my iTunes library to a DVD?

by on March 18, 2009

Q: My computer has 2 separate drives. One for CD and one for DVD. How can I get iTunes to back up my music onto a DVD? With the older software I was able to change the drive that iTunes recognized. I can’t figure out how to do this with the new software.

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    Have you tried putting a blank DVD in the DVD-R drive, leaving your CD-Rom drive empty and then trying the iTunes backup?


      when i start the backup, the CD-rom drive automatically opens. when i close the drive it cancels the backup because there is no disk in the CD-rom drive. I’ve also tried leaving the CD-rom drive open, opening the DVD-rom drive, putting a blank DVD in and closing the drive and nothing happens.


    Do you have any music purchased through iTunes?


      yes. about 150 songs

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    I’d suggest you just burn off the music using a different software prorgam. If you don’t already have a program that can do this, try this program which is freeware:

    Just make sure you test your backup disks, and so you’re aware of how the copy protection stuff work with your itunes purchases here is some other information: