How do I setup my computer to use my fringer print to log me into my computer?

by on March 19, 2009

Q: I have a Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop with Windows XP. The laptop has a fingerprint sensor that I want to use to be able to log onto Windows–but just in case, I’d like to be able to log in with my password if I choose, in case the reader fails. I didn’t configure the sensor at the very beginning when starting XP, and now I don’t know how to do it! I tried installing the Omnipass (version 4.00.64) that came with the comp, but if it does what I want it to do, I can’t figure out how, and I can’t find any other stuff on here that deals with the fingerprint sensor. I know it works and the computer recognizes it though, because I can encrypt files with the Omnipass.

One Response to “How do I setup my computer to use my fringer print to log me into my computer?”

    These kinds of settings get a little complicated, so I’m going to refer you to the manual:

    Page 57 starts discussing how to set and configure these advanced rules and overrides for your system.

    The ‘special warning’ on page 48 also caught my eye. You’re going to want to be very cautious with this extra authentication as you can really cause yourself some grief.

    I’d highly recommend sitting down and reading through all the documentation so you don’t run into any situations where you can’t decrypt your files or get into your computer.