Why did my trackpad stop working after Windows 7 went into hibernate?

by on March 20, 2009

Q: My trackpad stopped working after resuming my computer from hibernate. It was running Windows 7 build 7000 when it resumed from hibernate.

I restarted it on vista, 7 is running on a partition of the C drive.

I re-installed the driver for my laptop (hp pavilion dv2700 series) and it’s still not working.

I can get an external USB connected mouse working but the trackpad is not.

Anyone know what’s the deal?

2 Responses to “Why did my trackpad stop working after Windows 7 went into hibernate?”

    If the trackpad stopped working in both Vista and in Windows 7, double check any settings/laptop hotkeys to make sure the trackpad didn’t get turned off. Try a bootable from CD/usb operating system like http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html and see if it will work there.

    If you’re still having problems you might want to get in touch with HP.


    My name is Jeff and I work with the Windows Outreach Team. I have seen other people having similar problems with their computer after it awakes from hibernation. My suggestion to you is to be sure to report the bug to Microsoft, keep looking for updated drivers, and if you find this problem being repeated often, disable sleep/hibernate/power save mode on your system. I know this is not the greatest solution, but it is a Beta OS and things like this happen. Again be sure to utilize the Send Feedback tab to let MS know about the problem so it can get ironed out before the final version is released.
    Windows Outreach Team