How do you save a VOD (video on demand) asx file so it can be watched later when internet access is unavailable?

by on March 22, 2009

Q: How do you save a vod asx file so it can be watched later when internet access is unavailable? Is there an easy to understand program that will do this?

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    See toward the bottom of this page for instructions on how to save these types of files. No special software should be required:


    Thanks for the reply Mark, but I’m still not getting it. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


    Here are the directions from the page, might be easier to read there, but just to make sure you’re seeing the right stuff.

    Where exactly are you having the problem?

    Saving Microsoft’s WMA, WMV, ASX, ASF, etc.

    Easy to save manually. These are Windows Media Audio, Windows Media Video, Active Stream redirector and Advanced Systems Format. These are true streaming media files, in that they begin playing as soon as they have buffered (saved) enough data so that the clip can play without stopping in the middle. Of course, the algorithm that calculates how much to buffer before playing – makes a guess, which is often wrong, and the clip may stop several times to re-buffer. The point is, the file is not complete until you have played the entire clip!!!

    The following method works for wmv, wma, asf, and asx files :

    1. from the website, start playing the stream – if it ask you if you want to play it in IE, say NO !!
    2. let the clip finish – DO NOT close WMplayer and DO NOT go to another web page
    3. open Explorer and go to the Temporary Internet Files folder
    4. now find the stored file . . . either :
    – search for files such as *.wmv, *.wma, etc
    – click on the “Date Modified” tab which will be to the right of the Search box headers (you may have to
    scroll to the right to see it). Then look for the most recent files.
    5. copy the file to another folder and rename it if necessary – DO NOT PLAY IT IN THE “Temporary Internet Files” folder
    6. DONE

    ASF and ASX

    ASF is a streaming video or audio file – similar to Real Media rm files. It has extra capabilities such as slide shows and special controls.
    ASX comes in 2 flavors. It was designed to be a Windows Metafile Extension, which is a text file that makes a call to the ASF file, similar to Real Media ram files – but it can also be a self-contained video or audio file.

    * ASX text file – a Stream Redirector text file based on eXtensible Markup Language (XML), and contains the URL to a streaming media ASF file.
    * ASX stand-alone file – contain the actual video or audio.


    Hi Mark, Okay in my temp file the episode are saved as asx files. If I am online I can click on that and it will play. If you look at the properties of that file under “Location” it says www.***.org/vod/asx/momorenet.***_36.asx
    (Where the first stars is the web site of the episodes, and the 2nd stars are the name of the series and in this case episode _36.asx
    If you are not online you just get a message in Windows media player that it is not available off line, and to click “connect”. My problem is where I go on the weekends to study I will be off line.
    Does any of this make sense? Thanks