What can I do to fix the print spooler on my computer?

by on March 23, 2009

Q: I have a Dell Insperion laptop computer. For some time now, the response time for internet applications has been getting slower. Sometimes, it even ignores closing an application when I click on the X. It is freezing up sometimes and this weekend it did not show the printer I have installed and gave an error message about the printer spooler not running. I talked with someone that I know and he walked me through a few things trying to fix the printer spooler message and finally said the computer needed to be stripped and the software reinstalled. Does this sound right? Also, what does it mean to be stripped?

One Response to “What can I do to fix the print spooler on my computer?”

    It’s certainly possible, a software reinstall would probably help out. Though I have no idea what they would mean by stripped, maybe just a figure of speech.