How come my computer will not boot up and the log says the last login was while I was sleeping?

by on March 24, 2009

Q: Let me describe my problem for you.

I have an Acer Aspire m5200 (with an nvidia 8800 GTS that I replaced myself.)

I have done nothing in the last couple of days out of the ordinary. I’ve been surfing, chatting. etc. But this morning when I wanted to boot up, I got a BSOD. It auto reboots before I can see very much of it, except for these two error codes. 0x000000f4 and 0x00000003. I have tried everything, Failsafe booting. Cold boots. Even done Vista startup repair. But nothing will work.

With Vista startup repair it shows me in the log something like this.

Last successful boot time: 3/23/2009 5:47:38 AM
(I shutdown my computer at about 3 am.. so wtf? and i woke up at 9 am)

this is supposedly the “root cause”

Unkown Bugcheck: Bugcheck f4. Parameters = 0x3, 0x87344020, 0x8734416c, 0x82277430.
Repair action: System Restore
Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0

There are one more in the same repair dialog and its just like it and then there’s this last one thing

Unknown bugcheck: Bugcheck f4. Parameters = 0x3, 0x873d6b88, 0x873d6cd4, 0x82252430.

Repair action system restore
result: cancelled

Repair action: System files integrity check and repair
Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0

Can you please help me with this problem ?

2 Responses to “How come my computer will not boot up and the log says the last login was while I was sleeping?”

    Try a CMOS reset as described on this page and see if that helps:

    If things are still hosed you’ll probably want to consider doing a Vista reinstall.


    This did not fix the issue. Neither did a vista reinstall.

    What you have to do is actually just as simple as this.

    Press F8 during bootup choose repair computer, run a memory test first. and AFTER the automated restart press F8 again and run repair computer, and choose the option to setback your computer to a previous date. choose the time before your LAST windows update.

    This was related to a virus issue, nothing else. This was the only way to combat it. You may close my question.