Will installing Ad-Ware and Avast keep my system secure?

by on March 30, 2009

Q: My old computer crashed so bought a new one. As a project I decide to try to fix the old one my self. I bought a scrubber and cleaned the system, reinstalled Windows XP and it works fine. I want to install Ad-Aware Free & Advast Free. Is this a good choice? Do I need Both? Is there other security I should install?

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    Ideally you want two types of protection on your PC, protection against viruses and protection against Spyware/Malware. Both the programs you suggest are a great choice to help protect your PC. Keep in mind that no anti-virus or anti-spyware/malware program is perfect.

    You always need to make sure you trust the sources of files your downloading and websites you visit, as well as the programs you install. I’d also suggest switching to Firefox 3.0 if you haven’t done so already for your web browsing as that has some nice security features built it.

    Also, don’t forget to keep your important data backed up, so that if and when you have a system problem (which could always have nothing to do with a virus/spyware) that you won’t lose any important data.

    Good Luck and Safe Computing!


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