How come I cannot access my micro SD card from my computer?

by on April 5, 2009

Q: I have a new mobile phone that uses a micro SD card. I also got a USB adapter that I can plug into my computer. The card worked fine the 1st time I download files and music onto it.

Problem is, it stopped working after only a day of use. Now when I put the reader in the computer with the 2gb card inserted, it shows in my computer as 0 bytes and I cannot access the files on the card. If I remove the card it comes up with a message saying please insert disk.

If I remove the card from the adapter and put back in my phone, all my songs play just fine so I know its not a problem with that card.

One Response to “How come I cannot access my micro SD card from my computer?”

    The problem could be the adapter, try using the adapter on another computer and see if it works. You can also see if another card works in the adapter. If you’re still having problems, consider returning the adapter and swapping for a new one.