How do I get OPNET and Microsoft Visual Studio to work together?

by on April 7, 2009

Q: I have OPNET 14 and L’m trying to figure out how to get Microsoft Visual Studio 2008’s compiler to work with it. I keep reading “there are some environmental details needed to be configured” but I don’t know anything about C++. I’m at networking student trying to run simulations using OPNET.

I’ve been searching this topic for the last couple of days, any help would be great.

One Response to “How do I get OPNET and Microsoft Visual Studio to work together?”

    If Visual Studio & OPNET are used for part of a class you’re taking I’d suggest talked to the professor, TA or another student. Or I’m guessing you have the OPNET software via a university license/program in which case you might want to check with the department that owns the license or check your university intranet.

    Other than that, all I found was a link on this page on OPNET’s site:
    discussing how to setup Visual Studio 2005, unfortunately the link didn’t work for me. I’d assume the instructions for 2008 would be similar.