Could a new thumb drive ship with a virus?

by on April 9, 2009

Q: Ever since I used a newly bought thumb drive, I noticed my laptop (Acer) hard drive started to have this non-stop cranking as if it is busy loading something between my laptop and the internet – the cranking would reduce significantly if I turn off internet connection (with internet the HD LED light blinks 3x per second, without 1 blink every 3 seconds). Is this a security problem from say a virus from the thumb drive I bought and if so what is the cure?

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    Lots of harddrive activity just means there is software reading or writing data to your harddrive.

    If you feel the performance of the laptop isn’t as good as it used to be, you probably just need to do some normal maintenance. As discussed here:

    And also do a virus scan and a Spyware/Malware scan




    Another possible reason for the intensive disk read/write when using USB thumb drive (jump drive/dongle) is Windows Vista ReadyBoost

    In Windows Vista the ReadyBoost feature allows use of some flash drives to augment operating system memory.

    See “Turn ReadyBoost on or off for a storage device”