How come my computer won’t switch on and says it has a COM plus wizard error?

by on April 9, 2009

Q: My PC won’t switch on and says it has an error COM plus wizard. It obviously has picked up a virus somehow. As the only menu I can access is the ctr, alt, delete menu. How can I restore factory settings and delete all the other stuff that may have caused a problems? I can easily reinstall office and anti virus although a lot of use that has been!

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    The error is probably being caused a program you’ve recently installed.

    You can try getting in through safe mode: and see if you can do some troubleshooting from there.

    Though if you’re uncomfortable with any of this stuff, I’d suggest contacting tech support for the pc or if you don’t have any kind of warranty/support to take it to a professional.

    If you computer didn’t come with a Windows install disk or set of restore disks, you’ll want to check with the computer manufacturer about what you need to do to get them.


    thank you so much, I fixed it with your instructions and was able to set a restore point to a couple of weeks ago which has done the trick – you’ve saved me lots of money!!


    Great! Thanks for letting me know