Can I save videos and movies I watch online to my computer?

by on April 11, 2009

Q: When I watch videos or movies like .avi files online using google chrome where do these files get downloaded to for viewing? If they do get saved to my computer is there a way I could extract it from that location and save it?

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    Today’s websites often use a technology called streaming to prevent your computer from actually downloading audio/video files. There are two methods that you can use to trick such websites into allowing your computer to download audio/video.

    The first is to install an add-on program to your internet browser. The Google Chrome community calls such add-on programs extensions. According to my research, Chrome has only basic extension capabilities at this time. Apparently, better extension capabilities are planned for future Chrome releases. If you are willing to use Firefox instead of Chrome, there is an excellent add-on at called Video DownloadHelper (also does audio and pictures). Again, the DownloadHelper add-on will function only in the Firefox internet browser.

    Your second option is to paste the address of the content that you want to download into a special website, such as (use the “Conversion from URL” tab on that website). This method is sometimes difficult, because websites often try to hide the true addresses of their audio/video content. But, you should be able to use the internet browser of your choice with such tools.

    PS: Please note that it may be illegal in your area to download some audio/video from the internet.

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