How can I figure out if my power supply is working?

by on April 13, 2009

Q: Today we had a power surge or something (without any lightning) and suddenly the lights flickered on and off and my PC suddenly turned off and stayed off and now still wont turn on. My power supply is a Corsair 400w and I need help figuring out how I can check whether or not it’s broken.

One Response to “How can I figure out if my power supply is working?”

    You can try (at your own risk) removing the power supply and doing a ‘hot wire’ to see if it still works. Here are some instructions.

    Ideally in this case if the hot wiring works and the PSU turns on, you’d want to test all the pins with a multi-meter to make sure you’re getting the correct voltage everywhere.

    Electricity is still dangerous, if you’re not willing to take on the risks of damage to property & person take your computer to a professional.