How come my computer keeps disconnecting from the internet after 15 minutes or so?

by on April 13, 2009

Q: My computer disconnects from the internet after 10-15mins each time you turn it on. If you have a look down in the system tray it says Connected To: Unidentified Network, Access: Local Only. When you restart the computer the same problem still occurs. I have contacted my ISP and they sent out a new modem. We tried this and the same problem still happens. I have PC Tools Internet Security and Spybot – Search and Destroy which have found nothing on my computer. It would be great if anyone could help me out with this.

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    What’s your setup from the wall to the computer? Is there a router involved, DSL or cable modem? Are you connecting through a wired or wireless connection?


    There is no router involved, just an Option GlobeSurfer II Modem which was provided by my ISP. This has a wired connection to the computer and also connects to the telephone (internet and phone bundle). The modem is then wireless to the internet/network. I am running Microsoft Vista Home Premium.


    Okay, so you’re plugged into the Option GlobeSurfer II, and then it’s a wireless connection to the ISP?

    I’m guessing it’s a problem with your reception, try contacting your ISP for some suggestions.


    Thanks for your help but I thought it could have been coverage problem at first. I contacted my ISP and they told me I had good coverage in the area. I also use my broadband connection for my Xbox Live Service but I can stay on that for as long as I want. It’s just the computer which disconnects.


    Is there any way to view the signal strength on the GlobeSurfer? Even if there is good coverage in your area the GlobeSurfer could be getting some kind of local interference.

    If it seems like that is good, then you might want to try a different Ethernet cable. Maybe try using the one you have connected to your X-box since that one seems to be working.


    The GlobeSurfer shows a signal strength bar which shows 3 out of 5. The strange thing is, is why it is happening now.

    I have tried using different ethernet cables and changed the modem for a new one.

    I have had the internet and phone service for over a year. Do you think it could be a problem with the computer’s network adapter?


    Could be