Should I use Spybot Search and Destroy if I am already using Zone Alarm?

by on April 15, 2009

Q: Do I need to use Spybot S&D 1.6.2 if I have Zone Alarm 8.0 installed on my computer running Windows XP Home?

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    Are you running one of Zone Alarm’s products that has an anti-spyware feature: ? Or just their free firewall?

    You want to have at least one anti-spyware program on hand to scan your pc.



    Thanks for your reply.

    I’m using the free version of Zone Alarm, but I understand that it gives me protection for both inbound and outbound problems so what more do I need? Why check on spyware twice with both Spybot and Zone Alarm and use extra resources of my computer. Nels.

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    Zone alarm will alert you when an unknown program wants to try to connect to the internet. However, it won’t remove this unwanted software from your machine. Some spyware might not want to connect to the internet, or you might approve something for connection that you didn’t know was spyware in the first place.

    Spybot will actually scan your computer and clean our all that jump from your computer. All zone alarm is going to do is tell you that program X wants to connect to the internet.

    There is also spyware/malware out there that can supposedly disable your firewall: