How can I record an HD satelite broadcast on a blu-ray disk?

by on April 18, 2009

Q: Is there a way to burn an HD Blu-ray video disc from an HD satelite broadcast? If so, please be specific regarding the requirements.

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    Who is your satellite TV provider?


    Also, I can tell you up front that you can expect this to cost you a few hundred dollars in equipment, and it will take hours of work to create each disk. If you want something as easy as a VCR you’re going to be *much* better off going with a Hard-drive based HD recorder system from TIVO or your satellite TV provider.


    The satellite TV provider is DirecTv. The reason for wanting a Blu-ray disc is that it provides for easy portability of classic old movies in HD.


    Okay, the general method would be something like hooking your DirecTV receiver into a Hauppage HD PVR ($250 MSRP)

    and using that to record the datastream to a fast enough PC. From there you’d need to edit the video files and then burn them using a Blu-Ray Disk burner installed in your PC ($200+ MSRP). Blank Blu-Ray disks currently run about $5 each.

    You’ll also probably need good software to edit the video data files. Ulead Video Studio will probably work for that and will run about $80 MSRP.

    This all of course assumes you’ve running a pretty fast desktop computer already. Also, with all the compression and re-encoding of video data you’ll need to do, there will be some loss of video quality compared to an official blu-ray disk.

    Unfortunately, after even all that it still might not all work, set-top Blu-Ray players are notoriously finicky about what they’ll play. People have a hard enough time getting them to play real disks.

    I know this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but as you can see, at least currently, this is an extremely difficult thing to do, and also very expensive.

    If you think this is something you still want to peruse, you might want to try posing your question here:

    Also here are some links to some of the items I posted about:


    Thanks for the info., Mark. I’m still interested in the prospect of making my own Blu-ray discs of classic movies. How fast must the PC be to record the datastream, and do you know of anyone who has actually accomplished your recommended procedures? Also, what would be your guess as to the probability of a successful playback on a PS3?


    The system requirements for the hauppage hd pvr and the Ulead video studio should give you some idea of system requirements.

    I don’t know anyone that has done this. Your best bet of finding someone is going to be trying either that afterdawn forum link I provided or maybe on this site.