How come my DVD burner drive stopped working?

by on April 20, 2009

Q: I have a question about my CD-DVD rom. It was working fine until I was burning a DVD and had an disc writing error and it did not complete writing my disc. Since then my drive will not read any discs. I can hear it spinning and when I eject the disc drive ,the disc is in a diff. position then when i put it in, so I know its rotating.

I just replaced the drive not even last year with a lite-on CD and DVD burner because the gears stripped out of my original and hate to have to take it back in.

I had downloaded a couple of videos and that was what I was trying to put on the DVD’s. Could that have screwed up a program or messed my drive up?

I also downloaded a couple of programs like avsconverter and a few more converters but after my comp started doing this I uninstalled them and tried to even do a system restore but nothing works. Could the eye in my drive be dirty or getting hung up?

When I try to read the disc in my burning software it keeps saying the drive is busy and won’t read it. I have also tried to play different discs in other programs like opening the drive from my comp and it pops my the tray out and tells me to insert a disc and when i push it back in it freezes my program up and they say so and so’s not responding then I push the tray open and they work fine again.

One Response to “How come my DVD burner drive stopped working?”

    > Could the eye in my drive be dirty or getting hung up?

    That’s probably worth a shot. You can pick up a lens cleaner disk for a few dollars at Wal-mart, Target, etc.

    If that doesn’t fix your problem, I’d suggest contacting Lite-On and see if you can get an RMA on the drive.