How come Hotmail no longer stays in sync with my Blackberry and iPhone?

by on April 29, 2009

Q: Hotmail seemed to have quit working properly on my blackberry a few months back and now on my new iPhone. The problem is that if I read or delete a message from my handheld it is not passed back to the mail server.

Formerly, in the Blackberry mail interface you could choose a check box for something like “synch changes from my handheld to server”. Well hotmail lost that check box, but yahoo, gmail, etc retained it.

Is there a known way to get the changes applied from handheld to mail server?

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    You’ll have to use to connect, hotmail only support POP3 connect, which is essentially a one way street.

    You can find details on that here:!CC9301187A51FE33!49799.entry?sa=996282747

    IMAP is the protocol you would need to be able to use in order to sync both ways with Hotmail. Unfortunately, hotmail doesn’t offer IMAP support at all. The only way to get it is with the service, which acts as an e-mail middle-man and costs $1.49 a month.

    I’d suggest just forwarding your hotmail e-mail to gmail and slimming things down.


    So did Microsoft pull the plug on the free service that allowed bidirectional flow and make it a pay service?


    As far as I can tell they never had bidirectional (IMAP) service at all. Only POP3. The service is a 3rd party service not affiliated with Microsoft at all.