What could be slowing down our point of sale computers on our network?

by on May 3, 2009

Q: We have 1 network with 7 computers. Four of the computers are running point of sale software. Two computers are not and one computer is the host. All the computers are running a companies proprietary software.

The 4 point of sale PCs occasional slow down the proprietary software to the point the PC has to be rebooted. Once that is done all programs work fine for a few days and the process begins again. It occurs on all 4 PCs with the point of sale software but not simultaneously. What could be happening?

2 Responses to “What could be slowing down our point of sale computers on our network?”

    Probably something with the software, I’d suggest contacting the company about it.


    There are a number of things that could be contributing to the slowness.. Anti Virus software, memory leaks … network bottlenecks like this require various typed of trouble shooting, but I agree with the statement of contacting the software companies involved for their trouble shooting steps. In order to give you an educated answer, you have to supply more information. For instance, OS, what type of DB, memory in the machines, AV on the network, switches, routers, etc etc… my immediate guess if re-boot works is memory leak from the program.