How can I increase my computers download and upload speed?

by on May 6, 2009

Q: How can I speed up my computers download and upload speed? I have Windows XP with a 3mb DSL connection but it doesn’t seem to move any faster than 768k.

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    To answer your question, I need to know which company is your internet service provider. Thanks!


    Try doing a test from , and post a link to your results.


    We have wife has no problem,she runs vista just me.we are networking,also have aol


    Thanks for that additional information crimsonfire!

    I recommend that you visit the website of your computer’s manufacturer for the latest drivers for your computer. In addition to all drivers having to do with internet, wireless, networking, USB, etc, I recommend that you also download the latest available BIOS update.

    If you are using something like a USB wireless antenna to connect your computer to your DSL internet, visit the website of the antenna’s manufacturer for updates. If your computer is connected directly to your DSL modem via USB cable, try an ethernet cable instead.

    To make your computer run faster in general, use the free utilities at the and websites at least once per month.

    Do any of these ideas help?


    thanks you guys ,hope this works,I’ll get back to you all to let you know how it turned the way i do run reg.cure and verizon pc tune-up,will there be a conflect with this programs?