How do I verify that I own my site when it comes to google analytics?

by on May 11, 2009

Q: I just set up a new website, for someone using a design template from the hosting company. I’m trying to google to recognise it but its asking me to add a HTML code or meta tag to verify I own the site. I cant insert the code without upgrading my hosting package (I’m limited to the set design template).

Is there a way around this? to verify I own the site as it would be nice to be able to google the site!
(I don’t understand what a meta tag is and feel limited if I could add code I could verify it!)

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    If you want to be able to use Google Analytics on the site, you’ll need the code snippets added to site pages. Beyond showing ownership, the analytics software simply can’t work without it there.

    Keep in mind that the google analytics system is for giving you website traffic analysis. Your web host might already provide something similar.

    Regardless of whether you add analytics to the site, you’ll still be able to “google” the website and find it in their search engine in a few days.


    Maybe when I wrote the subject for this question it was incorrect? Now that I think about it google analytics does not require you prove you own a domain, it just asks you to put the javascript on a page.

    Google does ask you if you own a domain when you try to use the Webmaster Tools though. Is that where you are having the problems? The options are upload an html file or modify the html so there is a meta tag in it.

    The easiest solution is to always just upload a html file. You have to be careful with this though because the method will not work if your site always returns a page. By that I mean if you type in a random page and the user does not get a 404 error then uploading the file will not work.

    Either way I am pretty sure any reputable hosting company that sells templates would be more than happy to help modify the template to include the meta tag or to help you with uploading the file.

    Let us know which product you are trying to use exactly so we can make sure we have the right answer for you.