Is there one program that can fix and clean your PC?

by on May 15, 2009

Q: Is there one program that can fix and clean your PC? I run reg.cure and ccleaner but I have other problems come up and am wondering if I should run something else.

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    What kind of problems are you having exactly?


    thanks for the info.,my problem is when i go to yahoo,or verizon accounts,from aol, i get “IE can not display page.I then refresh the page,it takes me to the page,it starts to load then i lose the page completely,having to reboot,all over again?help!!!!!!!!!


    have you tried firefox?

    I’d also suggest a spyware cleaning with Spybot S&D:


    I suggest the following tools:


    PS: The Firefox internet browser is good too!


    thanks again for info. like i said i do run ccleaner,reg cure,defraggler.these are some great programs.i did try firefox didnt have any luck with it,it would always ask if i wanted to restore session,just got tried of has a great format thought.


    Hi crimsonfire,

    While all operating systems should be reinstalled from time-to-time, my experiences as a computer geek have taught me that Microsoft Windows should be reinstalled at least once per year. Otherwise, Windows-based computers tend to irreparably slow down and malfunction.

    That being said, if you’re 100% confident that your computer has not been infected by a virus, malware, trojan, etc, there are two things you can try before reinstalling Windows:

    1. In Windows Vista, go Start Menu (blue ball in lower left portion of screen) => Computer => right-click on your computer’s main hard drive (usually C) => Properties => Tools tab => Error-checking => Check Now => make sure that both checkboxes have checkmarks in them => Start => Schedule disc check => restart your computer and allow the error check to run. Repeat this for all hard drives and “solid state drives” in your computer. The error-checking procedure in Windows XP/2000 is nearly identical to this one.

    2. Backup all of your important files, and then run Microsoft”s System Restore program. Be sure to choose a restore point that was created before your computer began to malfunction.

    Keep us up-to-date on your progress. Thanks!