How come my computer will not restore to a previous date?

by on May 17, 2009

Q: My husband’s computer is behaving badly. I cleaned the disk and defragged. Have tried 3 times to restore to past dates but it never completes. Why?

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    In my experience, System Restore has consistently been an unreliable tool. I feel that it is better for one to regularly update his/her important files, and then reinstall Windows whenever critical and unfixable malfunctions occur.

    Nevertheless, try running the free maintenance programs which are located at the and websites. Running both tools in CCleaner will clean out junk files and repair your computer’s Windows Registry. Defraggler, in my opinion, is better at defragging than the built-in Windows defragmenter. After running these, you may either try using the computer as normal and/or attempt to restore your computer to a previous state using Microsoft’s System Restore program — the above maintenance programs may help System restore to function correctly.

    Does any of that help?


    Hi Robert…Thank you so much! At your suggestion, I gave up restoring this particular computer to a past date. I cleaned the inside of the computer and downloaded Firefox to overcome the problem of receiving the “Send a message about the error” message that appeared EVERY time my husband exited the internet. The report completes but never had a suggestion for improvement. I installed and used the program ccleaner that you recommended. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll try the defragger you mentioned. I like to do things in steps so I can measure what worked and what didn’t.

    You reply was very clear. Thank you!


    Hi camillecg,

    Firefox is a great internet browser; I use it every day and Internet Explorer only once per week at most. Nevertheless, after you run Defraggler, Internet Explorer my run normally again. I look forward to learning the outcome. Until then…