Is it possible to scan coupons to generate a coupon list?

by on May 19, 2009

Q: I want to create a coupon list by scanning the barcodes of the coupons that are issued in each Sunday paper. What hardware and software do I need to do this?

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    So is your plan to be able to scan the bar codes and create a database of the coupons you have available? Then turn in the original coupons at the store?


    Yes. I only want to keep a running list of issued coupons without having to data-entry each coupon. I don’t think it is possible that there is software able to read the coupon UPC and give me the sortable data I want (brand/size/value/ and apparently there is a scam issue with coupons and decoding.

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    The UPC code on the coupons doesn’t actually have any data stored inside of it.

    When a coupon is scanned at your local supermarket, that UPC code is looked up in the supermarket’s database for information on how much money to subtract for the coupon.